Miss’Opo Guest House in Porto, Portugal


On paper Miss’Opo is a Guest House located in a historic area in the city of Porto, Portugal. In the flesh however, it’s even more, it’s a stylish and creatively functional building full of personality. It includes some stunning multi-functioning spaces such as two three-room studio flats and four two-room studio flats and a chic cafe bar and a shop which through their overall fresh design, have more than met the ambitious aim of really embracing the creative city called home. Miss’Opo truly welcomes cultural tourism and showcases Porto’s ability to encourage collaboration between locals and visitors, all within one uniquely designed building.

Warm and inviting, yet modern and quirky at the same time, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by the building’s creative design which has been so carefully considered. The creation of Miss’Opo stems from the belief that a house is what you feel, listen to and learn, all within its walls. This is a unique building which encourages engagement, a creative hub with interiors that have been inspired both by its location and global artistic inspiration. It provides a home full of sensory and introspective comfort, whilst encouraging communication, ideas and creativity on every level.


This special design offers homely comfort within a modern and edgy setting. There’s a raw industrial feel to the design, which includes roughly painted grey walls, hanging lights, mesh separating the interior spaces and features such as girders and piping, all left exposed. There’s also a surprising sense of refinement due to the carefully chosen furniture, accessories and a gallery that contribute to making the space feel inviting and interesting – almost like a tucked away fairytale waiting to be discovered. Therefore the mixture of modern and traditional materials makes for an invigorating setting for artistic collaboration.

The cafe bar is where the building and concept comes to life; a real hub to this home, this is where people are encouraged to meet, greet and eat and is a welcoming space completely lacking in any pretention. Upon entering this room the features immediately strike you as the space has been ingeniously divided by architectural features and internal additions, such as glass doors and panels in order to create multiple areas with different atmospheres. The quirky design features a central bar framed by a structure that makes it feel like a special den at the heart of the room like a central space tucked away inside an internal environment. A pleasure to behold, the café bar is even more of a pleasure to spend time within its multi faceted walls.


This guest house works on many levels by being practical, inspiring and most importantly offering a sense of magic through inclusion and creativity. The result of a bold and successful design, Miss’Opo is a warm and honest environment with a character that is transient. The result of a bold vision, Miss’Opo is a multi-functional space that will transform with time, a place that will continue to create and as a result, never stagnate. The design embraces and inspires creativity and community, working in partnership with galleries, artists and cultural institutions to realize the ambition to incorporate the best that Porto has to offer.

Porto is a historic yet evolving city that’s attracting more and more attention and for the all the right reasons. Miss’Opo captures the vibe of its ever evolving home city and is sure to inspire anybody lucky enough to visit it.


Source: Yatzer
Photos © Shanna Jones Photography for Yatzer.com
Text by Kerry Flint

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