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Red is dead

“Red is dead, la campaña de Renault que se burla de Ferrari…  Estábamos acostumbrados a ver la lucha de Pepsi vs Coca-Cola o incluso McDonald’s contra Burger King, pero es la primera vez que nos encontramos unas piezas de Renault que atacan directamente a Ferrari. De la mano de Publicis Conseil (Francia), los de Renault crearon estas piezas tras proclamarse vencedores…


2013 Pirelli Calendar

The globally acclaimed Magnum photographer Steve McCurry unveiled the 2013 Pirelli calendar during an official event held November 27 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This year’s beauties have opted to keep their clothes on, with Summer Rayne Oakes posing in an admittedly plunging red gown. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was chosen as the setting…


The GMG House By Pedro Gadanho In Torres Vedras, Portugal

“Pedro Gadanho is a very active figure in all that encompasses architecture. Known as a teacher, curator and writer as well as an architect, he makes sure that his knowledge base covers, well, nearly everything on structure & design. Based in Lisbon, he is the editor of the BEYOND Short stories on the Post-Contemporary –…


New Stencils by C215

  “Prolific street artist C215 (previously) has been making new work seemingly all over Europe lately with stops in Lisbon, Barcelona, Dublin, London, and elsewhere. His vibrant stencil works rely on carefully layered fields of color and texture making each piece seem like it’s practically illuminated from behind. You can explore his Flickr page for many more works, and…


Towering Sculptures Made of Flowers on Display at Bloemencorso

“Aside from being consistently ranked as one of the best countries to live in on Earth, file this as reason #4,123 to stop by the Netherlands: Bloemencorso, the annual parade of flowers in Zundert. That’s right, every float here is made from natural flowers, specifically dahlias. From twisting architectural structures the size of houses to bizarre…


ROA Stacks African Animals on a Building Facade in Johannesburg

Street artist ROA was recently in Johannesburg where he created this epic new work featuring six enormous African animals lounging on the side of a building. ROA’s work has been popping up everywhere lately including a stop here in Chicago just last month. See many more photos of this latest piece shot by Martha Cooper over on I Art Joburg….


Autistic artist draws spellbinding 18ft picture of New York from memory

This astonishing 18ft drawing of the world’s most famous skyline was created by autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire after he spent just 20 minutes in a helicopter gazing at the panorama. The unbelievably intricate picture was drawn at Brooklyn’s prestigious Pratt Institute from Stephen’s memory, with details of every building sketched in to scale. Landmarks including…


Lennon’s Poster

A short film following the recreation of the Pablo Fanque circus poster that inspired John Lennon to write ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite’ for the Beatles album ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’. A Film By Nick Esdaile & Joe Fellows.   Source:


Casa Do Conto in Porto, Portugal

  Sometimes life is ironic and just when you think that everything is burnt – literally speaking –blossom emerges from the ashes. Such is the case with the Casa do Conto (House of Tales), arts&residence – a new Hotel design concept in the Cedofeita area in central Porto, Portugal; the lovely XIX Century Oporto House…


Miss’Opo Guest House in Porto, Portugal

  On paper Miss’Opo is a Guest House located in a historic area in the city of Porto, Portugal. In the flesh however, it’s even more, it’s a stylish and creatively functional building full of personality. It includes some stunning multi-functioning spaces such as two three-room studio flats and four two-room studio flats and a…

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